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Kansas City has a vibrant and diverse business community that has continually contributed to the growth and development of the city.  Without the strong economic foundation that local businesses provide, Kansas City's history may well have developed in a much different manner and the city would not be the vibrant hub of activity that is so well-known today.

Kansas City is home to a number of American businesses that are active in the international community.  Like the international businesses and organizations that call Kansas City home, these companies have found Kansas City to be an excellent hub for their operations within the United States and around the world.  Major corporations such as AMC, Garmin, and Hallmark are currently based in Kansas City, and numerous other companies make invaluable contributions to the Global Business Community in Kansas City and, indeed, in the wider global community that they serve.

Kansas City provides not only an excellent domestic marketplace for businesses, it also provides an unrivalled launch point for American businesses seeking to expand into an ever-growing global marketplace.  Whether a business seeks transport links, communications infrastructure, or even a reliable workforce, Kansas City can offer all of these and more to an ever growing and changing business community that continues to give so much in return.


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